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This is a collection of books I found that relate to the subject matter on this site. Many of these books will change your perspective on sex work and the people involved in the business of bringing you pleasure. I have personally met and become friends with several big names in the sex industry and they are some of the nicest, most intelligent and interesting people I've ever met. Many of these books are written by women in the business who can tell you first hand what it's really like.

Tricks and Treats : Sex Workers Write About Their Clients

Dan Savage, Author/Columnist

"Other people's sex lives are always interesting-we all love to hear the dirt-but the sex lives of professional escorts are more interesting than most. Tricks and Treats is full of wonderful, often hilarious, sometimes touching stories."

Annie Sprinkle, Prostitute/Porn Star turned Sex Guru/Artist, Sausalito, California

"IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A WHORE, THIS BOOK GIVES YOU THE EXPERIENCE. It's so authentic and so well written. . . that I felt like I was back in the business."

1-2-3 Be a Porn Star! A Step-By-Step Guide to the Adult Sex Industry

Have you ever considered a career in the adult industry? Do you fantasize about getting paid to enjoy hot sex in exotic locations with beautiful people? The porn world is booming, with over 10,000 new adult videos released every year, but entering this secretive industry can be a trying experience. 1-2-3 BE A PORN STAR! shows you how to make your fantasy come true in three easy steps. You'll find out who the right people are, how you can meet them, and how to land your all-important first job.

Whether you're male or female, 1-2-3 BE A PORN STAR! makes it easy to cut through the usual obstacles. You'll get up-to-date contact information for all the best talent agents, directors, and producers, along with advice in their own words for how to ensure your success. Plus you'll enjoy exclusive interviews with legendary porn stars such as Jill Kelly, Max Hardcore, Nina Hartley, Peter North, Stacy Valentine, Randy West, Sharon Mitchell, Ashlyn Gere, Guy DeSilva, Annabel Chong and many more.

Please note that 1-2-3 BE A PORN STAR! focuses only on adult employment that is legal. Industry opportunities covered in the book include amateur, mainstream, hardcore, softcore, fetish, gonzo, gay, bi, lesbian, transsexual, and couples. Extensive discussion is devoted to the question of how to make your own adult videos. In addition to the video industry, the book also details opportunities in cable, CD-ROM, DVD, print media, and the booming Internet arena. An entire chapter is devoted to health and safety issues for adult performers.

1-2-3 BE A PORN STAR! is written by Ana Loria, a renowned safe-sex advocate and webmistress. For the past five years, she has administered the popular website Safesex.Org, while researching and compiling her well-known Directory of Safe-Sex Programs. Ms. Loria is not married... yet. She lives happily on the beach in Malibu with her Jack Russell terrier, Arpy.

Real Live Nude Girl : Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture

When she was a kid, Carol Queen was called "Queen the Queer." "Queer" was still very much an insult at the time, not the term of power and pride it has recently become. Similarly, sex was called a bad thing, a nasty thing, even for, perhaps especially for, good girl feminists. Like other sex-positive folks of her generation, Carol Queen is re-evaluating the range and possibilities of sexual experience and identity. This book gathers previously published essays on topics ranging from pelvic exams, pornography law, the men's movement, sex as art, Madonna, and sacred whoredom. Queen is an intelligent, funny writer.

Whores and Other Feminists

Strippers, peepshow dancers, and porn stars trade spiked heels for footnotes while demonstrating their often overlooked ability to engage in scholarly discourse in this collection of essays focusing on the subject of feminism as practiced by those who call themselves "sex workers." Along with the first-person accounts by such underground luminaries as Nina Hartley, Tracy Quan, and Annie Sprinkle, are forays into the sex dens by a number of academics. The writing is frank, though hardly pornographic, and many of the points raised and discussed are treated with more seriousness and considerably more insight than they usually are in the mainstream press.

Sex Work : Writings by Women in the Sex Industry

A landmark collection of writings by street prostitutes, exotic dancers, nude models, escorts, porn stars, and massage parlor workers. Since publication in 1987, SEX WORK has generated much discussion and has changed the language we use to talk about sex for money.

Global Sex Workers : Rights, Resistance, and Redefinition

"A provocative collection of essays on prostitution, by scholars, journalists, and sex workers, with a focus on developing countries along with two essays on Japan.... While the authors strongly condem forced labor, they contend that law enforcement should address the question of coercion, not sexual activity itself."

The Idea of Prostitution

Prostitution is a legitimate and acceptable form of employment, freely chosen by women. Men's use of prostitution is a form of degrading the women and causing grave psychological damage.In The Idea of Prostitution Sheila Jeffreys explores these two sharply contrasting views.

She exposes the claims of the prostitutes' rights movement and the sex industry, while supporting prostituted women. The argument is threefold. The sex of prostitution is not just sex, the work of prostitution is not ordinary work, and prostitution is a "choice" for the men who abuse, rather than for the prostituted women.

Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian and a revolutionary feminist who has been active within the Women's Liberation Movement since 1973. She has been working in Women's Liberation campaigns against pornography and male violence since 1978, and was a founding member of London Women Against Violence in 1980. Previous publications include The Spinster and her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality, Anticlimax: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution and The Lesbian Heresy. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibitionism for the Shy : Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot

This instructive, inspiring, and comprehensive sex manual manages to be simultaneously hot, dirty, and nasty -- and politically correct! Sex educator Carol Queen offers a road map for enhancing individual and partnered erotic pleasure. She gives women and men of all sexual persuasions permission to be sexy and move back and forth at will between a public persona and a privately enticing sexual jewel. No matter how reserved you are -- or aren't -- Exhibitionism for the Shy offers not-to-be missed tips for turning diffidence into personal sexual empowerment and pleasure. Carol Queen has contributed to numerous anthologies, including the Herotica series.

Pomosexuals : Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality

We live in a complicated world, and according to PoMoSexuals, it is a lot more complicated than we thought. Now that society has become accustomed to the idea that gay men and lesbians exist, Lawrence Schimel and Carol Queen have brought together 15 essays dedicated to demolishing those categories. They are not, of course, arguing that homosexuals don't exist, but simply that these categories and words cannot do justice to the wondrous complexity of human sexuality. In PoMoSexuals you can read about heterosexual women who identify as gay men, the politics of placing a transgendered personal ad, and how trendy gay male ghetto culture is less about sexual liberation than brand-name accumulation. No matter what your sexual identity is, PoMoSexuals will startle and enlighten, provoke and entertain.

Annie Sprinkle : Post-Porn Modernist

Porn-star-turned-performance-artist Annie Sprinkle presents an illustrated history of her 25-year career, documenting her transformation from ugly duckling to prostitute to porn queen to sexual healer, activist, and educator. Although she began as "an excruciatingly shy girl" selling popcorn at an adult theater showing Deep Throat, her playful and uninhibited nature was soon recognized. When the police closed the theater, she asked a spiritualist friend for a spell that might bring her a new job. "It was my first experience with witchcraft," Sprinkle recalls, "and I didn't really expect it to work. But did it ever! I hit the jackpot. Maybe it was just good luck, but a week later I was working as a prostitute." She was discovered by porn producers soon afterward and went on to make over 200 hardcore films before leaving the industry to develop her own public performances, the most famous of which was her "Public Cervix Announcement," in which she allowed audience members to view her interior using a speculum and a flashlight. Well-written, well-illustrated, and calmly outrageous, Post-Porn Modernist is a great introduction to an American original. --Regina Marler

Live Sex Acts : Women Performing Erotic Labor

This expansive analytic perspective draws on more than 50 interviews in both the illegal sex industry of the United States and in the free and open trade in the Netherlands to capture the wide-ranging experiences of women performing erotic labor. 12 photos.

Madam--Chronicles of a Nevada Cathouse

Sex is for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in Nevada's legal brothels. Former madam Lora Shaner takes you into the parlor- and bedrooms- of Sheri's Ranch, in this compelling account of the sex-for-money culture.

You'll read about Mary Clair, the nun turned prostitute; Ellen the errant wife; Coral and Millie, the happy-hooker tag team; and Alice, the pro with the heart of gold; as well as the turn outs, part-timers, sex addicts, and adventure-seekers, and other ladies of the house.

You'll also meet the cathouse clientele: Lester the rodeo rider, who liked to warm up by playing horsey; Mr. Yamaura, who paid thousands for three minutes of pleasure; and Golf Guy, who employed Sheri's girls to help him perfect his stroke; as well as the hunks, nerds, pimps, cheapos, professional athletes, and other customers who ring the brothel doorbell at all hours.

Madam's piercing character studies and poignant sketches of day-to-day life in a legal brothel strip bare the myths about the world's oldest profession, revealing the hearts and soul of the women who sell sex-and the men who buy it.

Before moving to Pahrump, Nevada, and taking a job at Sheri's Ranch as a full-time madam, Lora Shaner worked as a civilian public information officer for the Department of Defense in El Paso and San Francisco. Now retired from the brothel life, Shaner owns and operates a small public relations and advertising business.

The Leather Daddy and the Femme : An Erotic Novel

You would think a taste for gay leather daddies would hinder a girl's happiness, but as soon as Miranda's boyish charms attract the attention of Jack, a weathered, Harley-riding, "real done-up daddy," the doors to the San Francisco leather underworld swing open wide. The skills Miranda (a.k.a. Randy) has picked up in steamy bathhouses and behind park shrubbery come in handy with Jack and his friends. Though he resists defining their unusual relationship, Jack introduces Miranda to everyone as his "boy" and makes it clear that she is his to share. A series of Emmanuelle-like adventures follows, in which the ever-ready Miranda gets the painful, loving treatment she deserves, whether disguised as a party favor at Sir Sebastian's all-male gathering or sent as a gift to the whip-wielding Mistress Strong. In the tradition of Pauline Reage's Story of O but more immediately indebted to Pat Califia's Macho Sluts, Carol Queen puts a sex-positive California twist on the dungeons-and-daddies S/M chronicle. --Regina Marler

Sex Spoken Here : Good Vibrations Erotic Reading Circle Selections

I'm one of the authors included in this anthology. My story, "The Cucumber," is the first erotic story I ever wrote. It was inspired by the use of cucumbers as a sunburn remedy, and reveals what happens when you go beyond merely external application. The Erotic Reading Circle has always brought a delightful gathering of varied material together, like a banquet. There's something for everyone's taste. Nibble away and enjoy.

The Best American Erotica 2000

For this special millennium edition, Susie Bright, our nation's trustworthy and tantalizing guide into the world of sexual fantasy and freedom, has gathered the best erotic writing of the year to produce a new, sizzling volume. In this collection we find human sexuality in all its diversity; pleasure and desire in all its forms. This doublelength, year 2000 edition offers a glimpse of what sex in the new millennium might be, a time when voices from the sexual underground will be heard and our ideas of perfection will be redefined. This most recent installment in the annual bestselling series includes the year's most provocative literature, guaranteed to have something for everyone.


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