Sex on the Internet
How to get laid on the Web

by Marc Perkel

This page contains material of an adult sexual nature.

A nerd's guide to scoring on the web, (for men)

Sometimes it seems like everyone in the world is getting laid but you. I'm no expert at seducing women, and as you can see from my picture I'm nothing special to look at. I'm just your average middle age male looking for a good time in the sack, just like many of you are. You may be thinking you'd like to find the "right one" someday, but in the mean time you'd like to get your rocks off. Well, I've had some luck at it and I'm an average guy. I'm not an expert, but I'm going to share what little I know and you can take it for what it's worth.

In this article I will talk about a number of ways to get laid and realities of sex that I've come to understand. I am a very open minded person and I try to go with what works and look at reality the way it really is. I will talk about both free relationships and sexual surrogates for hire, otherwise known as escorts or prostitutes. And I'll let you know where some of the best places are online to meet somebody.

Although I will touch on a number of subjects here, I have other articles I've written that cover other subjects in detail. My Men's Guide to Escort Services is a detailed guide to calling an escort covering every aspect of the experience. I also run the Female Escort Web List and I have a list of some of the best escorts on the web. I also wrote the Nerd's Guide to Sex. 50 Whores helped me research this book which is a how to book for men on how to have sex and do it right. If you get lucky, you should read these other articles so you'll have her coming back for more.

Understanding what you want

First you need to understand what you're looking for. Although many of you are wanting to find the perfect person and live happily ever after, many of you are looking to have some fun while your waiting. Much of what I say in this article may not apply to you and your situation. Some of it may be downright wrong or incomplete. This is only my opinion. However, I think that a person is better off being honest with himself and often a person has problems with women because of these internal conflicts. Part of you wants a wife while the other part wants a whore. Often there are two different people. Not everyone finds the "right one" in life and it's good to have a fallback plan in case the right one never comes along. Additionally, I believe, that when a person is getting laid they not only bring more experience into a relationship, but they are more confident, and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex. If you aren't getting laid you come across as sexually needy and that turns women off. You may find you're more attractive to the "right one" because you're having sex with the wrong ones while you're waiting.

The more you understand what you want, the more likely you are to find it.

We are the decedents of three billion years of fucking. Everything down to plant life wants to fuck. You are no different. There are people who control it, but those are not our ancestors. We come from those who didn't control it. Women need it too, and this need is not optional. Although people get together for other reasons, the reality is that the bottom line reason that men and women bond is for reproduction, which starts with the desire to fuck. When it comes to sex, we are not that different from the animals, except that our intellect interferes with our sexual instincts. Animals are often better at sex than we are. They just do it.

Knowing this, I have always believed that the more one is in tune with this reproductive instinct level, and can relate to a woman on that level, as well as other levels, the better the sex is. When one looks at human behavior from the perspective of survival of the species, a lot of things can be explained that can't be explained with logic. Love and sex are not logical processes.

I want real looking for

Pay Personal Sites

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Adult Friendfinder is a good personal site that isn't very expensive and has a lot of ads from people who are interested in sex. Its probably the biggest adult personal ad site in the Internet. And big is good because there's more selection. The more you have to choose from - the luckier you'll get.

The user is allowed to join for free and place a classified ad for free. There are allowed a limited amount of browsing for free and can even send email to one person per day for free. The browsing and searching on this system is very good and you can find a lot of women to send messages to by email. I like this program because there are a LOT of users on it. They have 25,000 listings in Missouri alone.

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BDSM Alternative Friend Finder is for those who live life on the wild side. This is for the more serious and sexually adventurous. If you want to do more than just simple sex and want to get into the more exotic fancy stuff, this may be the site for you. Like Adult Friendfinder, this service has a lot of listings and lets you leave an ad for free. So you might get lucky without it costing you anything. Like all these services, if you live in a big sexually active city then there's more to choose from.

Friend Finder is a similar program for those who want a personal ad system that's lighter than Adult Friendfinder. Friendfinder is geared more around dating and relationships than sex. But don't let that fool you. Everyone really wants to find someone where the sex is good so don't overlook this service as a way to find sex on the net. This service has a huge database of people looking to meet someone. It may be the biggest on the web.

What to say / How to Chat

Yahoo personals and chat is a great place to start. You can create several identities. Then you can start leaving personal ads. The ad lasts only 30 days so what I do is leave a new ad every week, and as the old ones are about to expire I modify them so as to bring them back up to the front. That way the ad isn't more than a week old and you have 4 ads going at one time. You also should run Yahoo Messenger so that if anyone is interested in you then they will see the smiley face next to your ad indicating that you are online. That way they can chat with you.

I haven't figured out what the best things to say in an ad is. Women think differently than men and ads that say, "Hey baby, wanna fuck" generally don't work. women want a sophisticated ad that only refers to sex indirectly. They like to hear flowery girl stuff about sharing feelings and intimacy. if you start out talking dirty you'll turn them off.

Personal ads work in both directions. You can fish and be fished. After you have your ads online you can look at women's ads to see if you see anyone who interests you. If you do and there's a smiley face next to the ad then she's online. All you have to do is click on the instant message link and send her a message. You could just start out saying, "This is my first time with this messenger and I'm a chat virgin looking for someone to help train me for my first time." Or, you can just type "hi". The idea is to learn to chat first and get good at it.

One thing I've noticed is that women have this switch in their brain where their either in sex mode or not. If they aren't, then dirty talking offends them. If they are, they love it. The idea is that you can chat and hint at things and look for hints and just wait till the mood builds. Let her lead the way. Once you've crossed the line you can talk about all kinds of sexual fantasies and things can get very hot quickly.

Once things get hot and you're telling her how hard you are and she's telling you how wet she is, you might ask for her phone number and suggest phone sex. Phone sex is very good after getting all worked up in a chat. Or, if you live close enough then you could suggest that you meet. I've done this and it's hot. But if you are looking for instant sex, then pick someone to chat with that's close to where you live. It can get frustrating when you're both ready to do it and you live 1000 miles apart. Location is important when it comes to making it online.

Finding what YOU want

My advice here applies to me in a lot of ways and what you may be looking for is very different than what I am looking for. Therefore, you need to take this advice and apply it to your situation. Some things are universally true, like how Yahoo works. This applies to everyone. But you might be looking for someone to marry, have children, and live happily ever after. If so, you might want to chat about family, religion, and the things that are important to you.

If you're trying to get laid online and you're just not having any luck you might want to try an escort instead. An escort is a sure thing and eliminates the possibility of rejection and is often less expensive than "free sex". If written the Men's Guide to Escort Services which is a tutorial on how to use escort services. There's more reasons to consider escorts than you might otherwise think. Escorts aren't for losers. You can learn more about women that you dreamed possible.

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