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This is a collection of books I found that relate to the subject matter on this site. If you like my "How To" information in my Nerd's Guide to Sex and my article about How to get Laid Online then you'll enjoy these books too. Many of these books go into more detail than I have and can also give you the same information from a different perspective.


The Woman's Guide to Sex on the Web

The Internet is "like a truck-stop honky-tonk in a country-western song: littered with good intentions, broken promises, and unfulfilled dreams," write Anne Semans and Cathy Winks, coauthors of The Woman's Guide to Sex on the Web. The duo clearly spent long hours separating the wheat from the chaff to come up with roughly 200 stellar Web sex sites. Their forthright, diverting Net surfers' handbook seems to offer something for everyone of any sexual persuasion. So, what's your pleasure? Like your sex out of this world--with aliens and vampires, that is? Click on Dreams Unlimited. Looking for softcore? Check out Danni's Hard Drive. BDSM? Lesbian? Postpartum mom? Postfeminist? Just curious? No matter what your bent, there's plenty to pique your interest and loads of canny consumer tips, too. A chapter on steamy bulletin boards, chat rooms, conferences, and dating sites tells readers how to mind their manners and warns them to keep their heads about them. Before you shell out a dime on the numerous sex-for-pay sites, Semans and Winks suggest a look at the "Hall of Shame" posted on Jane's Net Sex Guide, an opinionated escort through the highs and lows of cybersex. The coauthors don't pull punches, either. While they tout the "exquisite images" on one art-erotica site, they complain quite sharply about the "pedestrian" and "annoying" text that accompanies it. Interviews with various Webmistresses and reviews of zines and sites for sex toys, books, and other resources also pepper these pages. --Francesca Coltrera

The Joy of Cybersex : A Guide for Creative Lovers

The Joy of Cybersex covers everything from overcoming shyness to exploring your deepest fantasies and desires. I'll show you how to use the Internet as a tool to enhance your real-life love and relationships.

Whether a computer novice or an old pro, single or in a long-term relationship, my book offers tips and advice on how to find the "positive sexuality" sites online, and then use your newfound knowledge to improve your love life today!

Complete idiot's Guide to Sex on the Net

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex on the Net gives the reader all of the basics he needs to explore the Internet for adult content. This book will provide the reader with straight forward content on the adult side of the Internet: where to go on the Net (websites and newsgroups), how to do searches on the Net, how to purchase adult merchandise on the Net, protocols for responding to messages (safety related tips). The book will also look at the basics of online dating for those readers looking for a bit more.

Leave the frustration of getting online and trying to quickly locate the "right" website to fit your needs, this book will point you to the right site, and the right search techniques to satisfy your quest for information on the Internet about Sex - whether its online dating services, erotica sites, or shopping sites Technical review completed by industry expert in the adult side of the Internet.

Leave the frustration of getting online and trying to quickly locate the "right" website to fit your needs, this book will point you to the right site, and the right search techniques to satisfy your quest for information on the Internet about sex--whether its online dating services, erotica sites, or shopping sites. Technical review was done by an industry expert in the adult side of the Internet, the Playboy Advisor.

Beyond Cybersex : Charming Her Online, Meeting Her Offline

Millions of Americans have discovered the convenience of using online computer networks such as America Online to meet other single people from not only around the world, but down the street as well. In this humorously candid and informative book, the author shares his personal experiences of meeting eligible local women over the internet, explaining the methods that have made him successful and guiding men through the process of results-oriented online chatting and beyond. A lot of guys have said to me "I don't need your book to meet women." To them I say if you're happy with your sex/love life then you probably don't need the book, but I'll bet that you'll enjoy reading it anyway! If you do want to improve your sex/love life, then it could be worth your while to see what has worked for me, and how it can work for you too. I also want to encourage women to read the book.

Romancing the Net : A 'Tell-All' Guide to Love Online

This is simply the best book about online relationships that has been written thus far. Not only do you get sage advice from people who have experienced the ups and downs of such a romance, but their experiences and stories are also included. The authors never blink when relating the cautionary tales about how online relationships can go wrong, but they do so with balance and thoughtfulness. You won't find any of the sensationalism that usually accompanies this subject despite the unfortunate title. More than that, this book is compelling and beautifully written. If you've loved someone you met online, even if you loved and lost, you'll recognize yourself on these pages.

Men Are from Cyberspace : The Single Women's Guide to Flirting, Dating, and Finding Love On-Line

Men Are from Cyberspace is a hip guide for women to the newest singles scene--the Internet--covering everything from flirtatious e-mail to cybersex. Part "how to" and part "tell all, " the book targets the fasted growing segment of online users: women between the ages of 16 and 34.

Putting Your Heart Online

PUTTING YOUR HEART ONLINE is chock full of suggestions that, if taken to heart, will have you well along the road to finding a date or meeting a lifetime mate online. This friendly informative guide reveals:

  • How to find the best Web sites

  • How to protect your identity with anonymous e-mail

  • How to turn the gender imbalance on the Net to your advantage For example, how to get responses even if they are few people of the gender you are seeking.

  • 10 tips for writing a compelling personal ad

  • How to flirt over your modem

  • Why women who use online matchmaking services may be deluged with e-mail--like the 240 lb woman who received 350 responses!

  • How to conduct online background checks even if you don't know the person's last name

  • How to turn a promising connection into a real relationship

Whether you are computer literate or a novice, Ms. Capulet tells what you need to know to turn your modem and browser into your own personalized matchmaker. Nancy Capulet is the pseudonym of an internationally-known computer professional who met her fiance by putting her heart online.

Online Seductions : Falling in Love With Strangers on the Internet

Although this volume appears to tell torrid tales of online passion or to advise how to find the love--or at least the lust--of your life online, it does neither. Instead, psychiatrist Esther Gwinnell focuses on how and why online romances happen. Gwinnell compares the modern online relationship with historical cases of individuals who met as pen pals and fell in love. But she also notes significant differences, such as the subtle personality clues that exist in e-mail as opposed to handwritten letters.

Gwinnell uses several examples of online couples and correspondents to demonstrate how romances evolve, flourish, and sometimes wither. The examples are all composite cases to protect the identities of the many people who shared their stories and correspondence with her, but anyone who has experienced a cybercrush can testify that her examples, if simplified for illustrative purposes, are right on target. In the course of her exploration, Gwinnell discusses why cyberromance is suddenly so prevalent, how to deal with both good and bad experiences, and how to protect yourself from bad online relationships. It does an especially good job of highlighting the danger signs that your correspondent may be a pathological personality.

For those wishing to pursue online romance, Gwinnell offers some wonderfully hardheaded questions to ask yourself and your potential significant cyber-other before things go too far. --Elizabeth Lewis

Meet Me Online: The #1 Practical Guide to Internet Dating

Everybody knows about "those people" who meet their dates on the Internet, right? They're either freaks or computer nerds, and no one in their right mind would go out with anyone from a personal ad. Admit it, at one time or another you've thought, "They must be pretty desperate!"

The truth is, the Internet is an amazing resource that allows some of the most well-educated, intelligent and personable singles to meet and develop quality relationships. Whether you are a computer novice or a dedicated surfer, this guide will take you through the process in a step-by-step, logical fashion laced with humor and practical advice. With more than two million personals members each year, the Internet offers the largest and most comprehensive opportunity to develop the relationship you've always wanted. What are you waiting for?

It Takes Two.Com

Are you seriously looking for your soulmate? Regardless of your age, profession, or lifestyle, you'll discover how to choose the right personals site, write your ad, select people to correspond with, avoid the pitfalls of email communication, and meet the love of your life. It Takes describes how this has happened for so many couples, and how it can also happen for you!

It Takes Two.Com is more than just a guidebook to online dating. Today finding your soulmate on the Internet is a novelty. In the not-to-distant future, it will be the norm. It Takes Two.Com tells us why. The authors, one a clinical psychologist and the other a psychotherapist, met on an online dating service. Intrigued, they wanted to find out more about this phenonmenon. They interviewed over 1000 people who volunteered to share their on line experiences. From this extensive research, they wrote this inspiring step-by-step guide. It Takes Two.Com provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the psychological and spiritual aspects of cyber-relationships.

25 Words or Less : How to Write Like a Pro to Find That Special Someone Through Personal Ads

Personal ads, for the most part, are boring and surprisingly impersonal. You know the type: "SWM into foreign films and Chinese takeout seeks SWF for romantic walks on the beach." Any ad with a modicum of originality stands out. Advertising copywriters Emily Thornton Calvo and Laurence Minsky approach personal-ad writing the way they'd approach writing a product advertisement. Not only do they encourage you to be more clever and creative, but they help you figure out exactly what kind of person and relationship you're seeking, and then they show you how to express that information in an ad. 25 Words or Less is too long for what it accomplishes (the way I figure it, you have to read about 3,000 words for every one that you'll write), but it will certainly help less-inspired writers pen catchier, more effective, more personal ads. --Jane Steinberg

Romancing in the Personal Ads : How to Find Your Partner in the Classifieds

Peggi Ridgway's Romancing In The Personal Ads: How To Find Your Partner In The Classifieds takes a lighthearted, sometime humorous approach (including cartoons), and is the best of the books currently available on the subject of personal ads (including on-line ads and internet forums). Romancing In The Personal Ads regales the reader with insight and renews their hope that they can still meet the man or woman of their dreams. Romancing In The Personal Ads is the place to look for sensible tips in finding one's soul mate. Romancing In The Personal Ads will connect the reader (through carefully researched ads) with their heart's desires. In its own whimsical way, Romancing In The Personal Ads is a reminder that there's plenty of room for humor and happiness -- if you know how to look for it in your daily newspaper or computer connection. Included is a helpful glossary of abbreviations and jargon used in personal ads. Of special value are the numerous safety tips throughout, including a special chapter devoted specifically to keeping safe when responding to personal ads. Highly recommended!


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