Women's Bodies

This book contains material of an adult sexual nature.

Putting it in

The first thing to do after putting it in is to start to get in sync. You put it in slowly and gently. If she's dry then pull it out and grease it up. The first thing you have to achieve is to get in and make sure she's comfortable. This involves holding you body up over her in a way that allows her to move around and get the positioning right. This is a very important step and if you blow it here you've ruined the sex. I've heard a lot of reports from women who say that most men can't get them off because they never get it in right in the first place. This is one of those examples of things men do wrong that mess up what would otherwise be great sex.

This is a very sensitive area for a woman and care must be taken to get everything lined up right. If she's in pain it distracts from the sex and you'll never synchronize. Fortunately getting it in right is easy to do once you learn how. The basic trick is to let her do it.

As you're putting it in make sure you give her room to move around. This lets her adjust herself under you and get it right. She'll work it on in and scoot around for the correct angle and pressure. What you have to do is follow her bodily instructions and let her adjust you the way she needs to get comfortable. When she's got it the way she want you'll know it because she will start fucking you when everythings right. Once it's in it's time to start getting synchronized.

Finding the Clit

A woman's clit is the center of a woman's sexual feeling. That's where most of the nerves are concentrated that allows her to feel the fucking. It is somewhat similar in that way to your dick and it needs to be stimulated. If you don't get your dick rubbed, you're not going to come no matter how much you're in love. It is similar with a woman's clit. If you're going to get her to come, you better find the clit.

There are differences between men and women. Women can be sexually stimulated in more places than men. So it is possible to get some women to come in other ways. That's all part of the process of understanding your sex partner and getting her to show you want she likes. However, sometimes women are shy and they don't tell you what they want. So, when in doubt, work the clit.

The clit is real easy to find. Go down from the navel (belly button) until you get to the slit. There's a little piece of flesh in there that feels like a miniature dick. That's the clit. If you can't find it ask her to show it to you.

The clit must be treated carefully. If you touch it directly touch it softly. But you can rub it indirectly by rubbing the flesh around it. Whenever you are stimulating a woman with your hand watch very closely to see if she's enjoying it or you are hurting her. It's easy to do the wrong thing. Probe around and see what works.

It's important to understand how women are built and what makes them work. The more you understand the female body the more you will be able to give her sexual pleasure.

The easiest way to learn is to ask her to masturbate while you watch. Or you hand have her masturbate with your hand while she controls the motion and instructs you on how to move your fingers. This is best because you really get to understand the details of how she works. Once you lean this you'll understand how to get her hot. All you have to do is work the clit till she demands to be fucked.

Although most of you know this, if you're going to use your fingers on a woman you need to keep you fingernails trimmed and wash your hands. Women don't like guys to put dirty greasy fingers up inside them.

Fucking the Clit

Contact with the clit is important when you're fucking. This is another area where the average guy fails to achieve victory to pay attention here. If you don't stimulate the clit it is not likely she's going to come. If you want her to come, you have to fuck the clit.

The way most guys fuck is that they are doing push-ups. The dick is sliding back and forth from 3/4th out to 3/4th in. This is the way 3/4th of men fuck and if this is the way you fuck you're doing it wrong. Listen up guys because here is one of those places where you can really make a difference. Once you learn how to fuck the clit you will turn into an awesome lover.

The correct way to fuck is to put it in all the way and push in putting pressure against the whole vagina and locking her clit between her pelvic bone and yours. Then rocking your hips back and forth you grind the clit between the two of you while you grind your dick around in her. The sliding in and out will be mostly from 3/4ths in to all the way in with most of the motion being all the way in and grinding it. This is what actually works and if you try this you'll notice a big difference instantly. This works! This is what women want. And when you grind the clit like that, they're going to come. Resistance is futile.

One way to learn this is to let the woman get on top of you. In this position she controls the motion and you can see how she likes to fuck. What you notice is that she won't be doing push-ups on top of you. She'll work it on down in and slide up and down at first. Sometimes she'll rub her clit with her fingers while she's getting herself hot. But once she starts humping you seriously you'll notice she'll go all the way down on it and lean forward grinding her clit against your pelvic bone. It will show you how she likes her clit stimulated. Once you've learned this you can do the same thing to her clit when you're on top as she did to her own clit when she was on top.

Ladies First

Most women can have many more orgasms than men can. There are some exceptions. Therefore, it seems that a gentleman will let the lady come first. Personally I enjoy watching women come and the way they feel when they come. I like to get women to come at least 5 times before I come. Some times I can, some times I can't. But I like to try.

A lot of people strive for the simultaneous orgasm. Those are cool when they happen. But I like to get the woman to come first and try to get simultaneous on the fifth one. With many women, once the come the first time it's easy to get them off again.

Once she's come several times the easiest way to get simultaneous is to let her know when you are building up and when you are about to come. Some good hot grunting, groaning, yelling, and announcing the moment is approaching is a good way to make it happen. She can feel you build up and that makes her hot and often causes her to syncronize with your orgasm.

Women's Breasts

All women have lovely breasts. No breast is too small or too big or not shaped right. And if your ever asked by a woman if there's anything wrong with her breasts, "Just say No!" To criticize a woman's breasts it to invite death. She's a beautiful woman and that's why you're fucking her. Never forget that. All women are beautiful.

Most women want you to fool with their breasts. Some don't. This varies quite a bit from woman to woman. Women are usually quite intimate with their tits. Tits are a big thing to woman. It's something men can relate to but just have to understand that's the way it is. To love her is to love her tits. Don't try to understand it, just learn it.

Some women's breasts are very sensitive. Others could care less. Many women, some 15% or so actually have orgasms while breast feeding. So sucking a womans breast is usually a good thing to try, especially with women who have had children. Breast sucking brings you closer to the biological/reproductive level. And as I've pointed out, anything that makes a woman feel like she's reproducing is generally very hot sexually.

With that in mind you might be wondering what is the best way to suck breast? What seems to work the best is to suck the same way a baby sucks it. Suck it like your trying to drink milk. In you mind the milk is in there and you going to get it out. Sometimes, if you suck it right and do it often enough some women will actually start producing milk. I haven't actually accomplished this myself, but I've heard it can happen.

Of course, like anything else, the best way to figure out if you're doing it right is to ask. If she tells you what she wants and you do it you'll be ahead of just guessing. The big secret in how to do it right is to observe and learn. What you think you know may not be the way things really are.

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